• Working on some hand-rendered type! It’s been a long time since I’ve forgone font and picked up a pencil. Very rewarding!

    And though I’m not a bacon-lover myself, I sure support the cause! 

  • This is a self-directed personal project in which I wanted to create a series of satirical advertisements exploring human and animal relationships in contemporary society. Needless to say, the way we regard animals is often pretty out of whack. 

    I chose the approach of framing my grandiose thoughts about the world with a little satire hoping that I could maybe break through to those who don’t share the same line of thinking as myself. The best any of us can do is be aware and use the power of our money to enact change!

  • Comic strip assignment: moment by moment. I chose to do a sequential narrative of hand rolling a cigarette. 

  • "Progress"

    Comic assignment which required us to show a discernible lapse of time… I chose to focus on the environment. 

  • We were asked to make a looping gif for a class assignment. 48 frames and this is it?! There’s a reason I opted to be an illustrator and not an animator. Such masochism. 

    What is life.